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FreeRider USA

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Go Anywhere with FreeRider Mobility Scooters

Elder Mobility is your #1 source for FreeRider Mobility Scooters. We are an authorized dealer of FreeRider USA - delivering top-rated, high-end scooters that give you the freedom to explore, maintain your independence, and travel in comfort and style.

Recognized for their durability, style, and superior performance, FreeRider mobility scooters are perfect to regain mobility and easily navigate your surroundings.

Each FreeRider scooter is engineered with advanced technology and features that set them apart. The design ensures optimal stability, making them suitable for various terrains- whether navigating the local grocery store or embarking on an outdoor adventure.

FreeRider Mobility Scooters for Any Lifestyle

Every rider has unique needs. We offer a wide range of mobility scooters to suit any lifestyle. FreeRider scooters come with customizable features, allowing you to adjust the seat height, armrest width, and tiller angle for a personalized fit. Some of our most popular models include

Luggie Classic II Portable Foldable Mobility Scooter

The Luggie Classic II Mobility Scooter is portable, foldable, and compliant with IATA airline travel regulations. It has a 320 lb weight capacity, tight turning radius, swift top speed, and reliable ground clearance. Its sturdy frame, motor and transaxle system, and brake assembly guarantee a safe journey.

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FR1 4-Wheel All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

The FR 1 has a sporty appearance and reliable performance. The double wishbone suspension system offers improved handling, stability, comfort, traction, alignment, and tunability. A longer rear swing arm suspension system gives you improved stability, suspension travel, and better tuning capabilities.

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FR 510 F II 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

The FR510F II is spacious and convenient, providing a smooth, comfortable riding experience. The Delta tiller console, captain contour seat, flat-free tires, and suspension ensure your ride is safe and stable no matter where you go. 

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Experience Ultra Scooter Comfort

Beyond their exceptional performance, FreeRider scooters stand out in their comfort. The well-cushioned seats, adjustable tillers, and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable ride, even on longer trips. Also, the scooters come with spacious baskets for storing personal items, enhancing convenience during your journeys.

Safe and Stable Rides

The FreeRider USA mobility scooters are equipped with intuitive control panels, responsive braking systems, and bright front and rear LED lights for increased visibility. These features provide a safe ride and give you the confidence to venture further and enjoy your independence.

Long-Lasting Performance

FreeRider scooter batteries are engineered with high-grade lithium technology, ensuring maximum longevity and exceptional performance. Designed to provide reliable power for longer periods, they significantly reduce the frequency of charging, thus providing uninterrupted mobility. 

Order Your Compact Scooter Online

Get moving with Elder Mobility’s collection of FreeRider mobility scooters. Order your scooter online or call our helpful customer service professionals at 1-800-281-7560. Financing is available!

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