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Toilet Lift

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Experience the Safety and Convenience of Toilet Lifts

Struggling with mobility doesn’t mean you have to give up your comfort or independence at home. Toilet Lifts allow your daily routines to become easier and safer. The lifts we carry work by gently raising and lowering you onto the toilet, reducing the risk of falls and making the bathroom more accessible.

Designed with top-tier technology, Toilet Lifts are intuitive and user-friendly. You can adjust the electric toilet lift to suit different heights and comfort levels, ensuring your needs are always met. The ergonomic design ensures a natural, comfortable position. The sturdy construction guarantees long-term durability.

What is a Toilet Lift?

Toilet Lifts assist you if you have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet due to mobility issues. They're ideal if you struggle with age, disability, or health conditions such as arthritis, back problems, or any condition affecting balance and strength. 

Lifts operate by gradually raising and lowering you onto the toilet, reducing the risk of falls and making the toilet more accessible. Some lifts feature an adjustable seat that fits over the top of most standard toilets. The seat can be lowered and raised with the help of a simple button or switch that's easy to operate. 

Take advantage of convenient features such as:

  • Armrests for added support
  • Remote control operation
  • Ability to adjust the height. 

Toilet Lifts are designed with safety and user comfort while restoring independence and dignity to individuals who might otherwise require assistance for this basic daily task.

Introducing the Journey Power Toilet Lift

The Journey Power Toilet Lift is the ideal aid for allowing you to use the restroom without assistance from others. You never have to worry about getting stuck while raising, lowering, or sitting.

The electric toilet lift has a versatile rechargeable battery that ensures uninterrupted lifting and lowering, even if the power goes out. You also have the option to plug the electric Toilet Lift directly into a wall outlet. Popular features include:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • 14” total lift
  • Adjusts to your toilet
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Plugs into your wall
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Extended battery life (160 lifts)
  • 440-pound capacity

The convenient handles have non-slip grips to assist as you are gently lowered or lifted, making you safer and more secure. Thanks to a remarkable lift range and incredible stability, you can be confident that you can always get to your feet.

Order Your Toilet Lift Online

Restore your safety and independence with Elder Mobility’s premier collection of Toilet Lifts. Order online or call our helpful customer service professionals at 1-800-281-7560. Financing is available!

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