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Elder Mobility Commits to Giving Back: A Share of Revenue Now Dedicated to Charitable Causes

Elder Mobility Commits to Giving Back: A Share of Revenue Now Dedicated to Charitable Causes

Elder Mobility, the trusted online retailer specializing in mobility, accessibility, and home medical equipment, proudly announces a heightened commitment to societal enrichment. In collaboration with ShoppingGives, we are dedicating a share of our revenue to recognized charitable causes.

A Tradition of Giving

Elder Mobility has a history of informally supporting remarkable organizations. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Folds of Honor: Advocating for the educational needs of the families of fallen and disabled service members.
  • Andson: Pioneering tutoring and financial literacy for K-12 students in Southern Nevada.
  • Brain & Behavior Research Foundation: Advancing our understanding and treatments of mental disorders.

These charitable endeavors, although commenced as informal acts of goodwill, have become foundational to our company's ethos. Elder Mobility is now intensifying its commitment, earmarking a share of its revenue to magnify our societal impact.

Our Mission Beyond Mobility

While Elder Mobility's catalog – from mobility scooters to patient care equipment – is focused on enhancing individual lives, our broader vision is rooted in contributing to societal advancement. We are grateful to our community for their continued support, which indirectly aids in propelling these charitable initiatives.

Pricing Integrity Remains Unchanged

At Elder Mobility, our commitment to offering our customers the lowest prices on their orders has always been unwavering. We are proud to list our products at the minimum listing price set by our valued suppliers and brands, ensuring our customers always get a fair deal. We recognize that every dollar counts, especially for those seeking mobility and accessibility solutions, which is why we also back this commitment behind our Price Match Guarantee.

As we embark on our renewed charitable journey, we want our community to know that our prices will not increase in order to fund our charitable efforts. This initiative is about giving back, not adding costs. We believe in making a positive impact without compromising the trust and loyalty you've shown us. Rest assured, our dedication to both value and values remains as strong as ever.

Transparent Quarterly Updates

In our journey towards creating lasting impact, we pledge to keep our community informed. We commit to sharing quarterly updates detailing our philanthropic activities, ensuring that our stakeholders are in alignment with our efforts to make tangible differences in our communities.

Our Perspective

Mobility, for us, has always been symbolic of progress, aspiration, and breaking barriers. Our aim has always been to uplift lives beyond our products. This renewed emphasis on charity reinforces our belief in collective progress and a brighter future for all.

A Call to Charitable Organizations

At Elder Mobility, we're always enthusiastic about forging new partnerships that align with our mission. Charities and foundations that resonate with our vision are warmly invited to reach out, exploring avenues for collaboration.

For more details, inquiries, or to engage in a dialogue on potential partnerships, please contact:

Lovely Briones
Partnerships, Elder Mobility
Email: lovely@eldermobility.com
Phone: 1-800-281-7560

About Elder Mobility

Elder Mobility is a standout online retailer, providing a curated range of mobility, accessibility, and home medical equipment tailored to diverse needs. Beyond our products, we stand as a beacon of positive societal change, reinforcing our commitment to elevate lives and communities at large.